Royal International LLC

Dates Exporters

The company has setup an offshore company in India under the name “Ruwi Dates Impex Pvt Ltd., India, with is corporate office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is specifically focusing on selling Dates and Date Syrup in Tamil Nadu.  The Omani dates are considered to be of superior quality and the same is sourced from Omani Dates International LLC which is a 100% automated and scientifically managed factory in Oman.

Ruwi Dates Impex Pvt Ltd is currently the largest whole sale distributor of Dates Syrup, which are extracted from Omani Black Dates, Khalas Dates from Saudi Arabia and Zahedi Dates.  The company has also set foot in the retail market and selling the products under the brand “JUMBO” which is being sold in every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, India.




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